Business done Right!!!

At Light bar  we do all of our own work.

We do not drop ship or farm out work.

All of our products are handmade at our modest production facility.    

If we make a mistake (we're human too) We will own up to it and make it right.

We do not have a secratary or a computerized phone system. We're sorry your gonna have to talk to one of us and in the rare case that we miss your call and you have to leave a  message, you can rest assured you are going to get a call back.

We say what were going to do and do what we say.

What you think about us matters to us.

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Our Approach

Our Approach is to do one thing and do it well.

A few years back we decided  to make the best light bar covers in the world and share them with our friends for affordable prices.

Our Story

Our Story

First I would like to say that we are avid outdoorsmen and have a love for the wilderness and the adventures it takes us on. Alway remember to leave a place nicer than when you found it, so future generations have the same oportunities to enjoy it as we have.   was founded  in Bakersfield California . We hold our core beliefs of using the best materials and having the best people. All of our material are American made and our covers are only made here in Bakersfield. We will always stay that way. Our primary goal is to make only one product and make it better than any one else.

Our Approach

Why buy from us?

All of our LED light bar covers are Made of UV resistant antimicrobial Marine grade Vinyl and have heat resistant closed cell padding inside to protect lens from impacts and moisture.
Our light bar covers are mildew resistant chemically treated and can get wet in the rain on the trail or even just the car wash with no worries.

Our covers will not fade , crack or get brittle.

Our light bar covers get rid of that pesky whistle with style, no need for foam or contraptions that can fly off when you are driving.

Our light bar covers are held on by multiple velcro straps that make it impossible to fly off.

Light bar covers come in sizes from 3" pods to 60" for both curved or straight  light Bars.

Our covers are available in Many Colors to Match your Truck or Jeep paint scheme. (special order)

These Covers fully comply with local Law enforcement officials as a proper method to cover your off road lighting and light bars.

Prices start as low as 19.99

Our Story